Laidback Knitter's Contest


Congrations to Katie! She plans to give her copy of The Ten Secrets of the Laidback Knitters to a close friend-- "she's a brilliant knitter, and has knitted me a few wonderful gifts, and many other gifts for other people, all of which have been greatly appreciated. And I'd like to return that gift, whilst encouraging her in one of her many talents."

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. It was great hearing from all of you. If you are still interested in catching the Laidback spirit, check out the book's website  The Ten Secrets of the Laidback Knitters.  Follow Laidback Knitter Vicki Steifel on Twitter-- Vicki Steifel at Knitting News. Or Join The Laidback Knitters (and Crocheters) on Ravelry.


I will now be blogging regularly on Fridays. Post should appear by noon CST. I have added a Blog RSS for those of you who would like to follow that way. I am thinking about starting a monthly newsletter with stories, pictures, pattern and recipe links. If you'd like to be on my mailing list, send me an email from the contact page.