Jackson Friends

Gryphon Award-winning author/illustrator Michelle Edwards has a subtle and dexterous hand with character, building memorable protagonists through a blend of understated prose and accessible, often fanciful illustrations. What’s even more remarkable is Edwards’ ability to create those protagonists in compact spaces, resulting in easy-reader and picture book characters with depth and dimension. With additional boosts from pithy, emotionally resonant dialogue and evocative illustrations, she establishes memorable characters in situations ranging from Israeli kibbutz to American classrooms. BCCB True Blue


Pa Lia's First Day : Book One

Pa Lia's first day at her new school, Jackson Magnet, isn't going so well. She doesn't know anyone there. She can't find her second grade classroom. But worst of all, she accidentally gets the only kids who have been nice to her in trouble. Will Pa Lia ever fit in?

Jr. Library Guild Selection; Parent's Guide to Children's Media

*Pa Lia's First Day Reader's Guide *Pa Lia Paper Doll *Jackson Friends Coloring Sheet


Zero Grandparents : Book Two

Mrs. Fennessey's second-grade class is planning a big celebration for Grandparents Day, and everyone's really excited about it-everyone except Calliope James. Her best friends, Howie and Pa Lia, are bringing their grandmas. Even Stinky Stern's grandpa is coming. But Calliope's grandparents are no longer alive. How can she celebrate Grandparents Day without a grandparent?

Junior Library Guild Selection, The Center for Children's Books Best Books 2001 
*Zero Grandparent's Reader's Guide 

*Jackson Friends Coloring Sheet

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The Talent Show : Book Three

Jackson Magnet is having a talent show. Howie is excited because everyone—mothers, fathers, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, kids, even the Channel Seven News Team—will be there to hear her sing. But at the final dress rehearsal in front of the entire school, she gets so scared that she can't perform her song. Will Howie make it through Opening Night?

The Talent Show Reader's Guide *Jackson Friends Coloring Sheet

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Stinky Stern Forever : Book Four

 It's a regular day at Jackson Magnet. The students in room 201 are working on an art project, and Stinky Stern is up to his old tricks. But when the bell rings and school lets out, something happens that will change Mrs. Fennessey's class forever.

Junior Library Guild Selection, The Center for Children's Books Gryphon Award, The Patterson Award, Minnesota Book Award Finialist, Maryland's Blue Crab Special, Recognition Award, Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book, CBC Choices, School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, A SCBA Book of the Year

*Stinky Stern Forever Reader's Guide