Chicken Man


Gryphon Award-winning author/illustrator Michelle Edwards has a subtle and dexterous hand with character, building memorable protagonists through a blend of understated prose and accessible, often fanciful illustrations. What’s even more remarkable is Edwards’ ability to create those protagonists in compact spaces, resulting in easy-reader and picture book characters with depth and dimension. With additional boosts from pithy, emotionally resonant dialogue and evocative illustrations, she establishes memorable characters in situations ranging from Israeli kibbutz to American classrooms. BCCB True Blue

Each time Chicken Man is moved to a new job on the kibbutz, someone  else wants to take that job instead, and the chickens suffer as a  consequence.

PJ Library Selection; National Jewish Book Award; A Hungry  Mind Review Book of Distinction ; A Children's Book of the Year/Child's  Study Children's Book Committee

NewSouth Books : ISBN-10: 1588382370,  ISBN-13: 978-1588382375

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