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Mama's Latkes

If only Mama had written down her recipe. Would they still be just like hers even if Papa made them?

Try this latke recipe and fashion it into your own special dish. Make them savory by adding chives or carrots. Make them sweet by tossing in some shredded apples or raisins. 

Mama's Latkes Recipe



Sis Gessner's Mandel Bread


My husband’s mother, Florence, or “Sis”Gessner, was a great baker who learned her craft working at her father’s Pittsburgh bakery from 1930 until 1939, the year she married the accountant who kept the bakery’s books. We have inherited all their recipes. This is one of the simplest—and most delicious.

Recipe from A Knitter's Home Companion


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Elaine Yoder's Raw Apple Cake

Is the age of cupcakes over? Will harmony and understanding dawn with pies in ascension? Or will Toll House Cookies open the gates to world peace?

I'm sticking with apple cake. Elaine Yoder's. Rich, moist, and the true soul mate of even the humblest cup of coffee.

Last Saturday morning, I peeled and chopped the apples, brewed the coffee and stirred in the baking soda till foamy. Batter ready and baked in the greased pan, our house soon filled with an aroma that surely must herald something spectacular. Later, ten thick slices went out the door with my youngest daughter to share with her summer companions and colleagues doing research at the University. The next plate went to my generous next door neighbor who edged my lawn. What remained was shared with our houseguest. And the next morning, when he left for his long drive back to Colorado, the last bit of apple cake went with him, spreading the good apple cake karma all along I-80 West.

Elaine Yoder's Raw Apple Cake -- A Bake and Share Recipe.