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"In the process of knitting these stories, recipes, and patterns together, Edwards manages to show us how she’s knitted a life for herself around knitting, and how other writers might find a way to swim out of solitude, knitting for ourselves a nurturing, supportive community of friends out of our own interests and passions."  Bruce Black, wordswimmer

"Utterly charming, this book reminds us of the idea that knitting is a place to come home to." Knitty 

“This is a charming and utterly alluring book that makes you want to cook and knit and have a little chat about the kids. I love Michelle Edwards’ drawings, and the design of the book is an artwork in itself. This is a book you want to buy for yourself, and maybe to give to a few close friends, as well.” Jane Smiley, Author of many novels and knitter of many sweaters.

“A cozy and charming collection of essays about the joys of knitting —complete with lovely patterns and yummy recipes—to leave you feeling warm and inspired.” Kate Jacobs, Author of Friday Night Knitting Club series and Comfort Food

“Michelle Edwards’ writing remind me of a simpler time when I grew up in a small town where family was the center of everything. When I read her stories, I think about the legacy I am leaving to my daughter by teaching her the craft that I love so much and what a treasure a handmade gift really is. Beyond the delightful and heartwarming stories, the patterns, and the recipes is a wonderful message about what is really most important in life.” Vanna White

A Knitter's Home Companion is an illustrated collection of stories, patterns, recipes and readalongs.


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