The War That Saved My Life

Book cover

Book cover

I am tempted to shout from the rooftops; Read this book! But I am scared of heights so I'll settle for blogging about it.  

From the book flap: Set during one of the most explosive periods in world history, this amazing story is equal parts adventure and a moving tale of family, identity, and the fire of self-worth that can, when fed, burn brightly in us all. 

note: there are horses and knitting in the story




Peace on Earth - Mir na Zemlij


Many years ago, I made a series of cards to benefit international relief projects related to knitting and women: The Knitting Project, Rainbow Socks, and What Works for Women.

WHAT WORKS FOR WOMEN was the successor of THE KNITTING PROJECT, a lifeline of 32 tons of donated knitting yarn sent to refugee women in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia from 1994-1997. Proceeds from these cards directly supported women's projects which helped returning refugees rebuild their lives and their communities.

From inside of this card to you -- Peace on Earth, Mir na Zemlji!