From the Vault : Handmade Paper 1980's

painting on handmade paper

painting on handmade paper

Back in the days when papermaking was new at the University of Iowa and elsewhere, most printmakers were eager to give it a try. Everything about making your own paper held promise and allure. Even though the facities were located in the basement of the art department.

Was it really possible to  make a sheet  that served as more than a receptacle for your etching? What would happen if you played with colored paper pulp to create a sheet that was a part of the next step -- painting or drawing? 

Amazed by the palette I could make, I created several sheets. So rich in dyes they colored the felts used in the papermaking process.  This image, its lovely deckled edge cut off by my scanner, is one of a series I did on my first and only attempts at papermaking.




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