Rhinebeck Report 2014

There's something special about a fair. We all know that, right? But have you ever wondered about a sheep and wool festival? My cousin Janet and I recently returned from the 2014 New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, also know as Rhinebeck. Go to the Fair, my essay about our adventure there, complete with photos, is available on the Lion Brand Yarn Company website.

Memories of my 2011 Rhinebeck visit can be found by searching this blog or by clicking here here. 


Throw Back Thursday : Children and War


The image has faded over the years. In truth, it was blurry to begin with. Of the many small photos my father took while he was a soldier during World War Two, this one remains my favorite. In its more vivid, sharper days, I could see the girl's features and the steam rising from the cup behind the toast on the table. I have known this nameless girl most of my adult life, but only in the last few years have I thought of her as a child of war, a witness to the most cruel actions of a brutal humanity. Maybe that's why the peacefulness of this everyday moment of morning sunlight and breakfast toast grabs at my heart. 

Jerusalem 1976

Jerusalem  1976

It's a cold cold day here in Iowa City, Iowa. Weather is all anyone wants to talk about. And with excellent reasons. The schools are closed across the state, extending winter break and thrilling students. Away from the constant chatter about fierceness of winter, I am warmed by knowing that my essay, Jerusalem 1976 has found a home at The Jewish Writing Project. 


For those of you unfamiliar with The Jewish Writing ProjectI encourage you to visit and read the wonderful stories Bruce Black has curated into an online collection there.