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Rhinebeck Report 2014

There's something special about a fair. We all know that, right? But have you ever wondered about a sheep and wool festival? My cousin Janet and I recently returned from the 2014 New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, also know as Rhinebeck. Go to the Fair, my essay about our adventure there, complete with photos, is available on the Lion Brand Yarn Company website.

Memories of my 2011 Rhinebeck visit can be found by searching this blog or by clicking here here. 


Iowa March


Who would have ever thought that a phone could help you remember your morning walk?  I'm still amazed that as I move past pastures and housing developments, pet the neighborhood dogs and occasionally moo at the cows when they are out -- I carry my phone with me. I can stop and email if I'd like. Or write a note to myself. I skip the music part, although I know it's available. I not tempted to watch TV from the park bench in the middle of the field. But I do love taking pictures of what I see and how it changes with the seasons.

A bundle of thanks to  104Reviews and Joyfully Retired for their lovely reviews of A Knitter's Home Companion.


Youtube -- New York, New York

I'm back in Iowa City, Iowa after almost week in New York. Unpacking my experience, reorienting myself to my studio and work, I am taking a slow route back into stories and pictures. Soon a blog post, pictures and words will once again appear on this blog. Till then, youtubes. My very first in this media.

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