March 23 2009

Okay, I am a little excited about spring. I've seen a few teeny tiny almost buds on the trees. The days are longer and I'm gearing up for warm weather. The baskets of mittens and gloves are still out. Just in case.

I would like the weather to stay cool enough for me to wear my new sweater a bit longer. It was the co-subject of my last Lion Brand essay, UFOs: The Sweater and the Shawl .

Alef-Bet: A Hebrew Alphabet Book (Hebrew Edition)

The paperback editions of Chicken Man and Alef-Bet arrived on Friday. It's an incredible feeling to hold these books again and know that they are back in print. Available. Many thanks to all who made the re-issue possible. You know who you are.

It's a short post today. Most of this afternoon has been spent trying to make friends with Photoshop 4 and In Design. More on that when we pass the dating stage. For now, there's dinner to made. Family time. And later, Jack Bauer.

On my needles is a cashmere scarf. Lion Brand Cashmere puts me in a great mood every time I make a stitch.

So long for now!