Then Eve isn’t in her garden weeding, she is in her studio, painting. Sometimes she gets so busy painting that she almost forgets about her garden. But Smithy her neighbor, never forgets. Every day, he checks on Eve’s vegetables. And every autumn Eve goes to her studio to paint something for Smithy, a thank-you-for-a-good-harvest painting.

Before Smithy met Eve, he never owned any art. Now he has a whole houseful. “I’ve got a roomful of windows on the world, thanks to Eve,” he tells himself one night. “The time has come for me to give her something.” The only question is WHAT?

A story of true friendship. Eve and Smithy celebrates the simple things in life.

  Minnesota Book Award


“… children will likely take a shine to these kindly, quirky Iowans and their simple way of life.”  Publishers Weekly