leaf patterns

Lacy Leaves


We are in high summer here in the heartland. The heat and humidity have driven most of us indoors to air conditioned relief. We view the outside as a temporarily hostile environment. I have started my  morning walks earlier, my attempt to work with the weather and catch the coolest moments of the day. I have adjusted my stride, too. I take smaller slower steps.

Recently, I bought a pair of Leki Nordic Walking Poles. Several times a week, employing a x-country ski arm movement, I blaze along the sidewalk. At first I worried that the poles would interfere with all that my morning walks give me--time to think, observe nature, and even sing aloud if no one is around. That hasn’t happen, though. The lush green and rolling countryside that appears in Grant Wood glory mid-way on my daily loop still hits me with a profound gratefulness. And on one of this week’s hottest days, gracing the sidewalk, I noticed a dozen or so dried and delicate lacy leaves.




If you have a hankering for leaves, try knitting some. Leaves are simple and fast to knit. They are great  for embellishing hats, wristers, sweaters, and if you are so inclined, lamposts. Check out these patterns.

Lace Column of Leaves Scarf

A Small Leaf

Assorted Leaves


I have had a longing all week to bake. When ithe weather cools down, I'd like to try this recipe for Norwegian Oatmeal-Lace Cookies (Havrekniplekaker).