The Valentine's Day Mailbox Mystery


   The morning after Valentine’s Day, I found our garage door opened, and from there, I saw our mailbox door was opened, too. Unusual, but not alarming. So heading out on my morning walk, I planned to close both. That’s when I discovered the package in the mailbox. A Valentine’s gift for me and my husband, Rody. Two Iowa-sized pecan sweet rolls and a handmade card with two sheep. Unsigned.

   "Look what was in our mailbox!” I said to Rody. I put the package on our kitchen counter. “For us. A Valentine.”

   “Who’s it from?” he asked.

    “I don’t know.”

   The weather had changed from wintry cold to warm spring. The morning light bright and yellow. Inviting. I was anxious for my walk and work. And so after slicing  off a sliver of sweetness, I left all my valentines in our sunny kitchen.

   As I walked, our surprise snagged my thinking. Who was this kind soul? Did they know how hard this year has been for us? A list was started as I passed  what just a few months ago was a farm and is now rapidly becoming a  housing development, the first of two on my walk . With each step forward, a new name was added. So many possibilities, so many good kind friends. Anyone of them capable of such thoughtfulness. But why not let us know? We could thank them.

   Walks are an excellent way of figuring out life’s deeper meaning. The longer I walked, the more I  thought about my friends and their generosity, and the more grateful I felt about my life and my community. Another gift. A great one. And not just for me, but for Rody, too.

   Our gift was on the counter, alone in our kitchen. I was out on Rochester Ave, Iowa City, Iowa. Rody was probably in his office, checking emails.

   Gratitude. Had we forgotten how to enjoy a gift?

   With a cell phone,  the day’s direction was altered.

   “Would you start a pot of espresso?” I asked Rody. “I’ll be back soon.”

   Wednesday morning I was late getting to my studio. Relishing the mystery, grateful for our good fortunes and our unexpected morning delight.

   Thank you.


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