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The Hush of an Owl Sweater



The owl sweater was a gift from my oldest daughter Meera. She pieced it together with a subtle combination of greens, tan, pale pink, and woody brown prizes from her collection of thrift shop cashmeres. The "feathers" are attached somehow to a light voile, and so what might have been weighty, instead has a lightness and drape. Its whimsy and craft inspire me. Often I wear my owl sweater in my almost always too cold studio. But when this recent summer’s heat hit hard, I sashed it over the back of my computer chair. Handy, if ever I am chilly again. Which I have not been.

The other day, after far too many less than quality hours at the computer and online, I could feel my cells and nerve synapses rearranging into an army waging battle against my future creativity.  Shutting off my computer and making my large desktop screen go dark just wasn’t enough of an escape from the buzz and the roar I knew it could muster. Still jittery, I needed something more transforming. So I slid my spectacular owl sweater over the screen and felt a hush.


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