Bodum frother

Father's Day Cappuccino

 Homemade cappuccino is my morning ritual. Even back in the days when my youngest daughter had what's known out here as "early bird" gym and had to be at school when it was still dark out. My pot would be set up and perking, the first cup poured and savored, even before we trekked out the door. Most days, my husband Rody and I, sit in our respective chairs, coffee cups balanced on the oversized armrests, and enjoy our cappuccinos together. In honor of our morning civilty, we often take turns serving each other.

For a Father's Day treat, make your own cappuccino.


Fill the espresso pot  (I prefer the classic Bialetti model)  to the line with cold water.

Fill the funnel part of the espresso pot with coffee.

Screw on the pot  top. Place on a medium flame and wait until you smell the coffee. If you use a great roast like Dunn Brothers  (they ship), you will smell the coffee.  And if you are near by and the radio is off, you will hear the bubbling of the coffee rising to the upper half of the pot. When the bubbling sounds stops, open the top and check to see if the coffee has stopped frothing forth. To avoid boiling your brew, remove the pot from the burner.

The espresso part is done.

Easy, right?

The Bodum Frother looks like a piece of science lab equipment--a glass beaker and a mental plunger. It's the simplest, low tech way to froth milk. While you espresso is preparing to bubble up, fill about 3/4 th of the glass beaker with milk. Plunge 25-30 times. Remove plunger and warm milk for 30 seconds in the microwave. Repeat. Pour milk into cup, spoon froth on top, as desired, then add your espresso.

Enjoy. Happy Father's Day!


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