Art is long

Art is Long

It came in a padded envelope. Yesterday. Sent from Monterey California by my friend, the writer Anne Ylvisaker. An official Daniel Smith tote bag emblazoned in the their logo is a wise motto, ART IS LONG, LIFE IS SHORT. ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS.

My first year in graduate school, as a new member of the Iowa Printmaking Group, I helped place our large paper order with a then new company, Daniel Smith. We ordered a thousand or so sheets, and pooling our orders, we were able to get great prices.  I still have some paper from that order in my flat files.  BFK, Reeves, Aches, Fabriano. Just writing the names of those venerable paper makers brings me back to the days when I proudly wore black ink stained blue denim Daniel Smith apron.

Thank you Anne. Thank you, Daniel Smith.