Recommended Reading: The Mathematician's Shiva

mathematician's shiva

I look back at my life as others are want to do when the end is in sight. People commonly express regret. But when I look back I see the beauty of what I've witnessed and done. That's what I have told people who ask for advice through the years. Focus on what's beautiful and pursue that beauty. We are not perfect vessels, certainly. I am not an exception. But I have no regrets. The love I have given and revered has been pure. Driven by loss, I have used the gift of intellect I possessed and lived my life fully. I am wholly proud of my life and my accomplishments.

 Mathematican's Shiva by Stuart Rojstaczer

***** Highly Recommended

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On Thursday, December 11, I'll be hosting Natasha Wing for her The Night Before Hannukkah Blog Tour. Natasha will explain how she came up with idea for her book.