Postage Stamps


Last Thursday, for the first time in a very long while, I bought stamps. Postage stamps. The postcard stamps, Aloha, sport images of Hawaiian shirts. They cost 32 cents each. The letter stamps, Gregory Peck and American Scientists, were 45 cents each. Stocking a supply of stamps was part of my plan to start writing letters again. And more than seven letters and one week later, I read on Knitter’s Review about  A Month of Letters Challenge --a letter a day for month of February. To join with others  in this postal initiative, sign up at the Challenge's website.

Write on!  


For help in writing all kinds of letters, look at How to Say It by Rosalie Maggio. You WILL want to your own copy of this indispensible guide.

If you love stamps, you must see the work of late Doanld Evans, the masterful creator of stamp art.