Everything on a Waffle


Lately, I have had a fierce craving for waffles. On Saturday mornings, I often meet a friend for coffee and we share a waffle. Sometimes a half is just enough. Other times, I leave thinking about waffles for dinner. A few weeks ago, I came home thinking about Polly Horvath's book, Everything on a Waffle.

Do judge Everything on a Waffle by this terrific cover which does tell you a lot about the main character Primose Squarp and her amazing story. You'll have read the book to find out what happens to Primose. Here's a quote to wet your appetite.

"Well, Uncle Jack always had a solution for eveything and this one would have been just about perfect if it hadn't gone so wrong and landed me in a foster home."

Each chapter of this delicious book ends with a recipe--the last one  is for waffles.

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