Sweet Baby Cap


“Why was I wearing a hat?” she asked me.

My middle daughter Flory and I were looking at a baby picture taken by the ocean near Wellfleet on Cape Cod. It was summertime.The hat was red and it tied under her neck. A pilot’s cap, it’s sometimes called.

“You were wearing it to protect your ears,” I told her. “You had lots of ear infections and I worried about  the wind on the beach.”

Flory looked at me suspiciously 

“And it was adorable on you,” I confessed. 

Last week while searching for a perfect baby hat to make I came across The Sweet Baby Cap, pattern, a knit version of the hat Flory wore. By popular demand, it’s been translated from Norwegian. To knit the Sweet Baby Cap, you must trust its simple instructions. Be sure to keep your gauge close to the patterns—about 7 stitches to an inch. On Ravelry,  you’ll find  an international gallery of the precious modeling their caps as well as scores of helpful knitterly comments.

So far, two Sweet Baby Caps have been made. For newborns on either coasts. I know their mothers will want to protect their ears from the ocean’s breeze and other forces of nature.

The post image and the one above are available as a free download card. Send it along with your Sweet Baby Cap. Or instead of another email, use it to surprise your grown-up darling, a long lost pal, or a special someone with a handwritten note. Slip your card in an envelope, stamp it, and deposit it in your nearest mailbox.


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