Thee, Hannah


It was a visit last weekend from our friend Bill that got me interested again in the work of author/illustrator Marguerite de Angeli. In our conversations about children's books, her name came up.

Did I know her work?

I ran down to my studio to find Henner's Lydia, Elin's Amerika, Bright April and the other few prized volumes of her books that I own.

Did I have Thee, Hannah?

No. But after Bill told me it was based on his great grandmother who was de Angeli's friend, I quickly ordered a copy. Yes, it is still in print. And it arrived the other day. This morning, a cold and bright Friday, I sat in my studio and read it.

There's a quiet peacefulness to this book which takes place in Philadelphia before the Civil War. Illustrated in watercolor and fine pencil drawings,  de Angeli tell a genuine story of a young Quaker girl's curiosity, desires and ultimately, her courage. She also gives us a view into the times-- including the Underground Railroad.  I especially adore how each chapter starts with the street calls--oyster man, pepper pot lady, and more.

A few of Marguerite de Angeli's books remain in print.  Look for others at your local libraries and second hand book vendors.

Nine o'clock, and all's well!

Nine o'clock of a rainy night!