Go to Gimbels


In the classic movie  Miracle on 34th Street, Macy's Santa Claus sends a customer to the store's competitor. Macy's didn't stock the toy she wanted, but Gimbels did.

"Go to Gimbels," he tells her. "They have it."

This week, instead of my usual post, I offer one of my favorite Youtubes. I also encourage you to visit other blogs and websites.

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Monday doodlely-doo


With complete confidence I proceeded. A Friday blog seemed like such a good idea in June. I did not count on an eventful July. Last week a family emergency completely derailed me. My carefully planned Friday post was never posted. Never even written. Instead I did what mothers do, I took care of my sick child--an early morning emergency room visit, several doctor's appointments, and a two night sleep over in her hospital room. I'm happy to report that she is home and that she is feeling much better.

Exhausted, yesterday I rested up. I did think about this blog and the newsletter I am planning. Being away from both my desk and studio for many days gave me some insight to changes I'd like to make. Stay tuned.

And now a word about the doodles. All of them were drawn on a yellow legal pad with a Creta Color pencil. You can see the pencil below. Several other companies make these multi-color lead pencils and all brands are in the top three of my favorite pencil list. They are wonderful for sketching, taking notes and doodling. The way they change colors seem rattle loose stray thoughts and images. Try one, I bet you'll like them.

In the spirit of Mondays and the hope they bring for a productive week, doodle on!