Academy Awards

Downton Abbey and The Academy Awards

Last Sunday night, my husband Rody and I bid farewell to our friends at Downton Abbey. We were relieved that Mary and Matthew’s romance is now on the road towards marriage. That is what their people do, right? We are pleased that Sybil is pregnant with the Earl and the Countess of Grantham’s first grandchild --  a commoner? And that Daisy has found peace and family with William's father. We are worried about Bates, of course, but we will have to wait for next season to find out what happens to him, and ultimately, to his relationship with dear Anna.

This Sunday night, we'll take our seats in front of our television again to view another special show, The 84th Academy Awards. It is our first time watching the annual event. Rody’s good friend, David Shamoon will be there and we are thrilled for his recent film success. David wrote the screenplay for In Darkness, which has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year - Poland.  In April, it will  be showing in Iowa City. Meantime, we read all the articles and accolades and await Sunday Night. I even have my knitting planned, a healing shawl, the pattern memorized. I can easily drop my knitting when it's time to applaud.

Movie Notes:

Watch  In Darkness trailer

Read more about David F. Shamoon and the story behind In Darkness here and here

Knitting Notes:

I am knitting the healing shawl in The Boneyard Shawl Pattern by Stephen West .  A free Ravelry download, it’s lovely and simple with a great drape. Since the shawl is for a special football fan, I’ll be making the Hawkeye version of it, in gold with garter ridge in black