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Summertime Knitting


Summer is a great season to knit. Elizabeth Zimmerman, the matriarch of American knitting, suggests shawls are a perfect July project. Others would vote for stitching a satisfying simple cotton wash cloth.  Or an airy lacy scarf. Instead of wool, you might cast on a lace-weight cotton, or bamboo.

Summer vacations and relaxing allows us to catch up on our knitterly reading. To help you enjoy this hot weather opportunity, I’m happy to announce that through July 1oth, Open Road Media is offering the ebook version of my book,  A Knitter’s Home Companion, and other popular STC titles for a mere 4.99. In celebration of summer knitting, Open Road is blogging and tweeting patterns for knitting projects, playlists to enjoy while knitting, and even cool recipes for drinks to sip while you knit and read.

Summertime knitting. Are you ready?

Selected Open Road Media Blog Posts

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Little Victory Chart Guy

I almost lost him, the Little Victory Chart Guy. I found him late yesterday afternoon nestled deep inside a folder backed up on my eternal hard drive. I never did quite catch on to this back-up system. Not with ease. And yesterday was my day of reckoning, the device was full.  The time had finally come for me to enter the dark hole where my files had been sent and see what was there.  Deleting and consolidating both the old and new took much of my afternoon, and in the process, I found this guy.

The Little Victory Chart Guy is a knitting chart for the simplest "v". I drew him while writing the pattern for Victory Scarf and Wristers in A Knitter's Home Companion.  You can insert his "V" into a washcloth, Warm-Up America square, healing shawl or sock top.



Congratulations to Kris at Light and Texture, Sometimes Sound.  Her comment on knitting and empowerment was chosen as the winner in our International Women's Day contest. Kris, please contact me through the email form on this site -- Open Road Media has an e-copy of A Knitter's Home Companion for you!

A big knitterly thanks to all who of you shared your knitting experiences. If you haven't read their comments, scroll down and enjoy. And if you haven't already, join in the conversation. I love reading about your knitting lives, and I'll be checking for new comments.  Take the time to visit Kris's website/tumblr-- Light and Texture, Sometimes Sound . It's a lovely place.

Dancing Washcloths and Knitting Patterns

Twice this week I have needed this pattern. Once for a friend who wants to knit again. She’d like to start with a washcloth. She had tried a pattern or two, but they proved too difficult for her.

"Don’t worry. I have the perfect pattern for you." I told her. We were at the Tall Grass Writer's annual picnic in the Rochester Cemetery. In cemeteries you shouldn’t worry about washcloths.

The second time I needed this pattern was for a reader who wrote asking for it. She remembered the pattern from a Lion Brand essay I wrote a few years ago. A Pattern For Life, I called it back then. The name still rings true for me.

For washcloths wannabes,  here's your ticket.

Happy Knitting!



A Pattern For Life

Note: For your first washcloth, you might want to knit until you have about 5o stitches or the longest side of your knitting (the stitches on your needles) measure about 10 inches.


Rochester Cemetery is a sand prairie/savanna remnant located near the village of Rochester, along the Cedar River in Cedar County, Iowa.  This remnant is also an active cemetery, managed by the Rochester Township Trustees.  This cemetery is known across the US for it's colorful springtime display of wildflowers, in particular it's display of thousands of shooting stars, and massive, spreading White Oaks.  It has often been called one of the best examples of Oak Savanna in the Midwest."

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Friday's Feature -- Sis Gessner's Mandel Bread Recipe


A Mandel bread recipe.

Not just any mandel bread, but Sis Gessner's --from my house to yours. The recipe is in my new book, A Knitter's Home Companion.

Read A Baker's Handy Helper and Sis Gessner's Mandel Bread recipe today in the Lion Brand Yarn Comapny's Newsletter, The Weekly Stitch.


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