Lunaria annua




Their name comes from what their seed pod looks like after the flowers are gone; they’re biennials, coming back year after year. They’re also called Honesty plant. Never knew honesty was a color. And a majestically purple one at that. Curious.  Alison J. Hyde  spindyeknit 


The plant I thought was a wildflower is a Lunaria annua. It is also known as silver dollar, money plant, and honesty plant. After the plant blooms purple flowers, the coin-like pods appear. Next year I will look out for them.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query and contest. I'm grateful for all the answers and links you supplied. An extra big thanks to Sharron McElmeel for spread the word to members of her maillist.

There are five winners! Signed copies of A Baker’s Portrait will soon be on the way to Chrissy Postema, Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Marge, Suzanne Metz and Katie Hubert. They correctly identified the”wildflower.” Emails will be sent to the winners. Do contact me if you are a winner and haven’t received an e-notice.