Miss Rumphius


This blog post needs to be short. I am in a bit of hurry this morning. My seeds are soaking. And when my morning studio work is done, I am going to plant them. Lupines. Lupines for my Miss Rumphuis Garden.

Miss Alice Rumphuis, the Miss Rumphuis Barbara Cooney created for us, spread lupine seeds as she walked about. But that was in Maine. And many years ago. My lupine packets strongly advise soaking the seeds in tempid water for 24 hours before planting. And who am I to disagree?

If you haven't met Miss Rumphuis, or even if you are old pal, you will enjoy this lovely Verbatim Studios telling of her story-- narrated by Tara Rose Stromberg, produced by The End Audio Productions, mixed by Roman Chimienti, and edited by Jessica Rondash.  click here to visit their Youtube site