Knuks for all

This week a wicker basket with needles, wool, and knitting kept me company in my studio. Back to writing my regular monthly Lion Brand essays, during my thinking breaks, I knit. The needles are 0’s and the wool is sock weight. My intent was to knit myself some new wristers. Actually, my dream plan involved making a few stacks of them, plowing through my stash of sock and dk wool and gifting out many pairs to the deserving. Over the years I knit dozens of pairs, and have I  have wandered far from the original pattern—the one that taught me everything I needed to know about wristers.


This pattern by Pamela Grossman  appeared in Knitty Summer ‘06. I followed it faithfully for my trial pair—and several after. For my new pair, I will do the same—varying only needle size and recommended yarn. The gauge will match.

There’s something about Knuks that gives a great fit. And even with my clever innovations, I long for some plain janes k nuks. Perhaps because I have lost two pairs of them this winter— embroidered like some of the Knuks in the Knitty article, both were favorites of mine. And this week, my cashmere wrister wisps accidentally went into the wash. A very sad ending for a much loved hand-warmer. But happy hand times are soon to come with my lovely new knuks!

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