Vera Williams and the Happy Little Teapot


Meeting author/illustrator Vera B. Williams at a children’s book conference several years ago helped me discover a new joy in my work. Vera was leading the morning workshops for illustrators. She had developed some exercises for us to do, constructive plans for our time together. But once she began to talk about her books and her life —and Vera is a champion talker—most of us there quickly decided what we really wanted. We really wanted Vera to tell us stories about how a creative life is lived. With joy. And that she did.

The drawings and sketches I made during that conference, and later at home in my studio, took heart from the Vera’s artistic freedom and openness. Something inside me changed, doors appeared and were opened. Windows filled with light. Drawing playfully, I tapped into a different type of imagery. Like the happy little teapot. And when I approach new challenges on my drawing table, it helps me to think back to those mornings with Vera Wiliams and the legacy of her life and work.


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Vera Williams and the Happy Little Teapot