Doll Sweaters


A Norwegian one with snowflakes was knit for Molly, an American Girl Doll. The matching hat had a large pom pom on top. Rosebuds --silk, of course-- were sewn on the neck band of the white cardigan I made for Baby Sarah. My daughter’s dolls were kept warm by my needles.

A few years ago my friend, puppeteer and doll maker Monica Leo, gave me a doll she had made. I named her My Monica and she sits on the table by knitting chair. Since my children are now grown up and no longer live at home,  many days she’s youngest in our house.  Barefoot, wearing corduroy overalls and a thin cotton shirt, I often worried about her being chilled. I had always planned on knitting My Monica some sturdy socks and a wool sweater. This September, I did. First a pair of slipper socks. And then, after many failed attempts, she received a sweater. A red and blue marled cardigan. Three buttons on the top.

Doll sweaters. Amazingly satisfying to knit one for the doll in your life.


Pattern I used

Monica Leo Puppeeter and dollmaker