Valentine Friday

My friend Nora gave me a wonderful pillow with read and white Hungarian embroidery. It's a prefect Valentine with all its flourishes. And so this happy little Friday Valentine is also a thank you to Nora for a great gift.

It's gray here today in Iowa. Looks like it will snow. Tomorrow I'll be heading to my friend Rosalie's house tucked up in the California mountains. Latest report-snow there, too. I can hardly wait. I'll be packing work for my new book (more about that in later posts), warm clothes, and of course, my knitting. I have a sweater almost finished and I think I'll pack that. Plane knitting will be socks or mittens, something small.

I just finished a pile of ten washcloths for this month's charitable knitting. Hope to drop them off before I leave.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather is, have a warm Valentines Day!